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Car Tyre Manufacturers

At Easy Wheels we have a comprehensive range of tyres available by brand, we have put together a list with the key information so that you can make an informed choice.

By clicking on the links we have more in depth information for your perusal, as always though if you have any further questions, please contact our customer service team on 0333 9000 201



Accelera tyres are a brand of budget tyres produced in Indonesia by Eptyres. In Indonesia Kia uses Accelera tyres as their original equipment, proving that it is usually just the price that categorises Accelera as budget.

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Indonesian Economy tyre manufacturer Achilles was first established in 1991 and has taken a lot of its techincial assistance from leading brands such as Pirelli and Continental, helping it to develop leadin economy tyres. Part of the MASA tyre group, the company has seen continous year on year growth since 2004.

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Admiral tyres area budget brand of tyre produced by the leading manufacturer Kumho tyres. A lot of the tyres manufactured by Admiral are based on the same technology and expertise that forms a lot of the Kumho tyres.

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The Australian tyre brand Altenzo prize themselves on producing high performance tyres that are affordable without compromising on quality or style.

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Indian tyre Manufacturer Apollo tyres was founded in 1972 and has rapidly grown to becme the worlds 15th largest tyre manufacturer, with its goal of getting in the top 10 by 2016 becoming an ever more realistic possibility.

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Arrowspeed is a budget tyre brand, which is produced by a Korean manufacturer. You will find Arrowspeed Tyres in many outlets and is actually favored by Kwik-Fit as one of their budget tyres. If you are after a no fuss budget tyre then Arrowspeed is a good option. With a wide range of review many drivers favor these Budget tyres where as other prefer to go with mid range to performance tyres. You will get generally better performance from the mid range and performance tyres.

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Founded in 1999 Austone tyres are owned by Cooper Chengshan, a joint venture between the worlds 8th largest tyre manufacturer Cooper Tires and the chinese group Chengshan Group. Austone produce a range of economy tyres.

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A value focused budget tyre brand manufactured in China, Autogrip are a great choice for those price conscious customers.

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Produced in China, and historically for the Eastern European Market, Autoguard tyres are designed to deal with the harsher climate found in countires such as Bulgaria. This makes these a great choice for anyone looking for a half way brand between summer and winter Tyres.

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Owned by the Cooper tyre and rubber company and founded in 1904, Avon tyres supply a wide range of tyres with a proven track record for quality and performance

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BF Goodrich are a long standing American tyre company founded in 1896. The company prides itself on it's tyres performance and has a heavy involvement in motorsport globally. BF Goodrich were acquired by Michelin in 1988 and have since developed a number of ranges designed to handle all terrain and weather.   

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Originally founded as a sole maker for shoes in 1924 it wasn't until 1934 that Barum began tyre manufacturing. The Czech joint venture with Continental specialises in a wide range of economy winter and summer tyres.

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Bejing based Capital Tires are owned by the Bejing Capital Tire company which also produces Autoguard tyres and is one of 24 state owned tyre manufacturers.

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Blacklion tyres are a budget brand that are currnelty available in over 40 countries. A good tyre that is growing with its reputation.

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Easily recognizable as one of the leading brands, a very well respected Japanese manufacturer with a wide range of tyres available. Bridgestone have been producing tyres from 1931 and over the years has grown to become japans biggest manufacturer of tyres. With global domination Bridgestone are not going anywhere. The company bought Firestone Tyre back in the 80's adding to there market strength in the tyre industry. A firm favourite with many drivers and a definite performance brand with the market. With a vast range of tyres in their offering they really do cater for every level of car tyre you may be after. Think Bridgestone think quality!

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Camac tyres are a European classic tyre manufacturer specialising in the design and production of tyres for classic cars and trucks

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Capitol tyres are owened by the more established Korean tyre manufacturer Nexen. Producing tyres since 1942, Nexen and Capitol have some considerable experience in the production of budget and economy tyres.

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Mumbai based Ceat were first founded in Italy before establishing its manufacturing in India in 1958 after its acquistion by Pirelli. It now produces a wide range of tyres fro everything from small family vehicles to large trucks and SUVS.

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Chengshan tyres are the 3rd biggest tyre manufacturers in china. The chengshan tyre brand is currently available in over 100 countries.

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Colway tyres are a popular track day tyre brand, and are owned by Polish Tyre manufacturers Markgum. The company focuses on the retreading of tyres, enabling lower prices, hence the popularity with track racers.

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Compas tyres are no longer widely manufacturered with the Compas tyre company focuses on the expansion of it's flagship brand GT Radial. 

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Continental Tyres often referred to, as Conti is a popular choice amongst motorists, one in four European cars are equipped with continental tyres, a extensive range available for every requirement! Continental has really geared them-selves up for the tyre market they currently are in fourth position with the global tyre market. These tyres are a real pedigree within the market; Founded in 1871 and based in Germany, the company develops some of the best tyres available. Over the previous years Continental have been developing their products to reduce fuel consumption one of the ways they have achieved this is by reducing the rolling resistance from their tyres. If you are looking for a Premium tyre brand then look no further - a true leader with the market.

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Cooper tire & rubber company are another American tyre company founded in 1914 in Findlay Ohio. The company specialises in the design and manufacture of passenger vehicle tyres as well as light and heavy commercial vehicles. The company has a long history of involvement in motorsport through both the Cooper Tire brand in drifting and it's other brand Avon tyres. Avon tyres were previously involved in Formula 1 and have recently made attempts to become the official tyre supplier again. Under the Cooper, Avon and other brand names it owns Cooper Tire & Rubber company produce a range of summer, winter and sport tyres for the most discerning user.    

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Polish Tyre company Debica was acquired in 2009 by Goodyear and continues to produce a wide range of all weather and summer tyres from it's factories in Poland.

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Established over 30 years ago, the Deestone tyre company specialise in industrial and agricultural tyres but also manufacture a number of passenger and 4x4 lines.

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Delinte tyres are a budget tyre that came into production in 2008. A good quality brand with a growing reputation.

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Dextero tyres are produced by GITI, who sell tyres under various budget brand names in 140 countries. GITI tyres which manufacture Dextero products began in 1951.

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diamond back

DiamondBack tyres are made buy the Triangle Group, a Chinese budget tyre manufacturer producing a range of low cost tyres for the Asian and more recently European and U.S Market.

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Dmack tyres are based in Carlisle in Cumbria in the U.K. The company has manufacturing facilities in China and in 2011 began supplying tyres for the Scottish Rally Championship.

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Doublestar tyres are produced in China for the budget tyre market.

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From small acorns grow great oaks, Dunlop started out back in 1888 and is now one of the premium brands within the tyre industry. Founded in the UK and Bought by the Tyre Giants Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company in 1999 the tyres still hold the "Dunlop" stamp of quality and excellence. Dunlop Tyres are on millions of vehicles all over the world, some of the best Tyres in the world come with the Dunlop brand. A true innovator within the market has created a strong reputation in the market. Although Dunlop tyres are mostly produced over seas the original Factory in Birmingham nicknamed "Fort Dunlop" still produces some tyres namely; specialized Vintage, Motorcycle and car tyres.

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duro tyre

Duro tyres have been in productions since 1945. A budget tyre that offers reliable performance all year round.

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Durun are another of the many recent additions to the budget tyre market that are emerging from China. Much of their equipment and manufacturing processes have been imported from European countries and the USA.

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Effiplus Tyres are produced in China and are widely available across europe.

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A Budget Tyre Brand that is very popular with some. Great Value for money and tyre brand that is growing within the Budget Tyre market.

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esa tecar

In the same year that Nigel Mansell won the Formula 1 world championship with Williams - Renault, Tecar was founded. 21 years later the company now has a purchasing volume over 630m Euros and supplies a wide range of tyres for a wide range of Vehicles.

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Event Tyres are a Premium budget Brand. One of the best budget tyres in the market today. A popular tyre for many.

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Evergreen is part of the Jinyu group based in China. The tyre subsidary Evergreen was founded in 1995 and now produces over 13 million units per annum. With a global sales presence in over 70 countries. Evergreen is a budget tyre manufacturer

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Falken tyres started life in 1983 in Japan. Renowned for driving experience, Falken tyres offer great performance. Falken Tyres are used by the following Vehicle manufacturers; Subaru, Suzuki and Diahatsu. Falken are at the forefront of the industry always striving to achieve better designs. For a relatively new comer to the industry Falken offer a very good quality tyre that is seen by many a firm favourite for performance in dry and wet conditions. If you haven't used them before they are always a good option.

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Fate tyres are produced in Argentina, producing good quality tyres at good prices.

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Taiwanese tyre manufacturer Federal began trading in 1954 and now has two brands, Federal and Hero tyres, with Federa tyres taking the global stage for the group. It's widely known for it's motorsport in Asia and the south pacific.

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Singapore based Firenza are owned by their parent company Sumo Tyres and are an ambitious Asian tyre manufacture focused on the growth of their range of tyre treads and sizes.

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Firestone is one of the largest suppliers of tyres in both the UK and USA with a fine racing heritage dating back to 1909. Traditionally founded in 1900 in America. The company soon found its roots in the automobile market by becoming the original supplier of tyres to Ford Motor Company. This obviously gave the business great foundations to build on and as such the Firestone empire had began. With such a great reputation within the market Bridgestone Tyres bought the company in 1988. Firestone is a firm favourite with many car enthusiasts; known for its exceedingly good grip these tyres are a true pedigree.

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Fortuna is a budget tyre brand that has seen growth within this market.

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With German high technology as their strap line, the German tyre company Fulda are known for their strong value for money supplying tyres for cars light commercials and agriculture purposes.

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Founded in 2003, this Chinese budget tyre manufacture boasts a large research and design presence of its own in comparison with a lot of its state rivals that import design and techonology. The result is a range of it's own designed and patented tyres which are now shipped to a wide range of international markets.

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Fullway tyres are part of the Best Tire corporation based in China. The company owns a range of budget tyre companies, and like the others Fullway supplies a wide range of tyres for the price conscious customer.

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gajah tunggal

Gajah Tunggal is the company that produced the GT Radial tyre. They also produce tyres for Heavy Commercial vehicles and Bicycle tyres. They are the Largest Tyre manufacturer in Southeast Asia.

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Founded in the same state of Ohio as Coopet tyres and only a year later in 1915, General Tires breakthrough came with the idea of a spare tyre, something no other manufacturer had developed up to that point. They now produce a wide range of tyres, many with safety consicous features.

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Swedish based Gislaved have a strong range of budget tyres, producing a range of winter tyres at lower prices than more traditional winter tyre suppliers. Gislaved winter tyres are really what set them apart from their other budget rivals with a strong focus on safety with out sacrificing the price point

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Canadian tyre firm Goodride really make the most of their seasons producing a wide range of both summer and winter tyres from their Canadian factories. Goodride Tyres also produces a range of SUV, agricultural and commercial tyres.

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Goodyear Tyres started life in 1898 in Akron Ohio - America. Now after over 100 years in the tyre industry and one of the best-known tyre brands on the market they cater for all sectors of the industry. From Passenger cars to Commercial trucks, Race cars to Farm machinery they really have expanded in the market to gain as much market share as possible. Goodyear Tyres became highly popular due to the fact that in the early years when tyres weren't the easiest of things to fit to your vehicle, they were seen as easily detachable and maintenance was relatively low in comparison to other tyre manufacturers. Goodyear is the biggest tyre manufacturer in America and is so for a reason. Think Goodyear, think Quality and Performance.

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Part of the Crown tyre company and founded in 1986, Gremax tyres are part of a company employing over 2000, and producing millions of tyres a year.

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gt radial

In terms of revnue and volume of tyres sold, GT Radial is among the top 10 manufacturers in the world. GT Radial offers a large product line including passenger car tyres, light commercial and heavy truck and bus tyres. The company also claims to be the largest Asian integrated manufacturer, with its own research centres and its manufacturing facilities. In the U.K GT Radial are exclusively distributed by Michel Dever. As a result of their close partnership and as part of the companies culture of growing throw these GT Radial tyres aren't currently available on Easywheels.co.uk. However, we may still be able to supply and fit these for you through our call centre. If you call us on 0800 999 1111 or drop us an email we will endeavour to sort these for you.

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Haida tyres are manufacturer in China and cater for the budget tyre market.

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Hankook Tyres are from Seoul, South Korea and started production in 1941. Now they are classed as the fifth largest tyre company in world. Currently producing in the region of 50 million tyres per year the company is growing and making some serious headway In the tyre market. Hankook started life under the name of Chosun, after a name change in 1968 the Hankook brand came to reputation. Now providing tyres for many vehicle manufacturers they have become a firm favourite in the mid range tyre sector. With massive investment in the past few years the company is looking heavily into R&D to create some of the most forward thinking tyres on the market today. If you are looking for a great tyre at a great price, look no further.

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Hercules tyres are an American tyre brand that have grown over the last 60 years to become a leading supplier of quality tyres.

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Part of the NangChang tyre group founded in 1956 and based in China, Hero tyres produce 5 different ranges from ultra high performance, to the passenger and recreational lines on top of a range of light commercial and winter tyres.

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Hifly tyres have been in production since 1995 in China. A budget tyre with good performance.

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Imperial tyres are a budget tyre brand that offer good value for money.

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Inifntiy tyres are available for cars, van and trucks. A good budget tyres.

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Interstate tyres was incorporated in 1972 and went straight into manufacturing car, light Truck and commercial tyres. Now their tyres are available in 58 different countries.

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Founded in 1995 and the parent brand of a few other budget brands including Evergreen tyres, Jinyu now has operations or sales in over 100 countries and is a "golden brand" in China.

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Kenda was the 27th largest tyre producer in 2010 and the Ohio based manufacturer has continued its growth with a range of automotive tyres. It also sponsors the Giant Asia racing team.

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Keter tyres are produced in China and have gained markets share a good quality budget tyre

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The French Manufacturer Kleber were founded in 1910 and in 1951 took the tyre industry by storm by desigining the first tyre with an inner tube incorporated. Kleber are often chosen as Original Equipment for leading manufacturers including VW, Opel, Peugeot and Renault

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Kormoran tyres are a subsidary of Michelin tyres and are renowned for their strong all weather performance.

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Kumho Tyres is an ever-growing company and is currently in the top ten tyre companies in the world. The company produces in the region of 60 million tyres a year in their factories based in China, Vietnam and Korea. Kumho tyres are available in 180 countries world wide and are preffered suppliers for Chevrolet, Chrysler, Hyundai, Kia, Mercedes Benz, Mitshubishi, Smart, Ssangyong and Volkswagen. All in all a decent tyre to have on your vehicle.

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A recent entry to the budget tyre market coming from China, Landsai tyres are Manufactured by the Sentaida group, with sales and production growing rapidly from their inception only 5 years ago. Landsail and the Sentaida group now produce over 16.25 million tyres annually.

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As the leading tyre brand in Turkey, Lassa tyres were established in 1974 and 4 years later became a joint venture with the Bridgestone corporation. The company offers a range of tyres that harness a lot of the expertise garnered from this joint venture.

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Lexani tyres are a high performance, luxury tyre brand.

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LingLong tyres were founded on the back of a Chinese rubber company in 1975 and saw significant investment and growth in it's production facilities and capacity from 1987-2000. Linglong are a budget tyre brand based in China.

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An Itaian tyre business that has been producing tyres since 1946. Malatesta specialise in retreading tyres.

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Swiss budget tyre brand Maloya focus on quality tyres for cars and light commercial vehicles. The company produces a range of tyres including some specialist tyres such as the Crono 480 with a longer than average lifespan.

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Italian tyre manufacturers Marangoni pride themselves on quality and are proud of their unique manufacturing process which is conducted solely in Italy, leading to their slogan "Made in Italy".

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Marshall tyres have been trading for over 25 years with the U.K market being their single biggest sales area, with the company catering for a wider range of vehicles from cars to heavy trucks. Most of the European production is conducted at the Birmingham technical centre.

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Part of the American tyre giant Cooper Tires, Mastercraft manufacture a wide scope of winter tyres as well as a range of budget summer and all weather tyres for light commercial, passenger, and sport vehicles.

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Whilst founded in 1905, it wasn't until 1925 that the Matador brand expenaded into tyre production. The company based in the Slovakia has a long history as an Original equipment supplier for Skoda and is rated as one of the top 5 slovakian brands.

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Founded in 2007 in South East China the Maxtrek tyre brand is growing rapidly and is set to ramp up international exports even further in 2014. Find over 20 different Maxtrek tyres today at Easywheels.co.uk

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With over 40 years of experience Maxxis tyres offer high quality and performance without breaking the bank. With testing carried out at their own facilities in Suffolk in the U.K the company puts a large focus on quality and has a heavy involvement in motorsport as well as sponsoring both Liverpool FC and Aston Villa

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Netherlands based Meteor tyres were founded in 2005 off the back of a rally career and have a developed a small number of sporty tyres priced for   those looking for a budget priced tyre without the compromise in quality.

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Michelin is one of the most well known brands within the tyre industry, with many years involved in the Formula 1 circuit. They are without doubt one of the most celebrated tyre brand.

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Asian based Milestone Tyre company are an Asian based manufacturer headquartered in Canada specialising in producing a wide range of tyres for passenger vehicles and others in all conditions.

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Established for over 20 years the Minerva budget tyre manufacturer produces a range of tyres for passenger, SUV and light commericial uses from it's factories..

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Since 1989 Mohawk tyres and rubber company have been part of the Japanese tyre giants Yokohama tyres. Mohawk tyres are a budget tyre producer and manufacture a range of tyres utilising the Yokohama's expertise and brand.

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Multistrada are a relitively new company that are based in Indonesia.  Producing tyres since 1988 they are  increasing their market share within the budget tyre market.

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Another Taiwanese tyre giant, Nankang tyres is the longest standing manufacturer in the country, beginning operations in 1940, with the majority of it's production taking place in Taiwan. The companies tyres are today sold in over 100 markets through 300 distributors. Predominantly creating tyres for cars, they also manufacture tyres for 4x4, vans and Commercial vehicles.

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Neuton tyres hold their roots in drift racing and sponsor a number of drifting teams. Theyr're tyres are classed as economy mainly due to their price, with performance not compromised

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Widely known to be Korea's first tyre producer the company began production of tyres in 1956. With annual sales eclipising $600m and a domestic market share in excess of 20% now the company is showing no signs of slowing its rapid growth.

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Like many tyre manufacturers Nitto tyres hold it's routes in the motorsport industry with the U.S based company supplying and sponsoring a number of on track and off road race teams and cars

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Nokians USP probably lies in their winter tyres, and their claim to have the only permanant winter tyre testing facility in the world. A good choice then for those looking for a reliable and well tested winter tyre from those who know best.

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Beginning in 1970 as a small tyre business in Denamark, the Nordex tyre brand has now developed in to an international brand exporting across Europe from it's head office in Broup.

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Ovation tyres are a Chinese company that are producing tyres for the 4x4, van, truck, bus and passenger car market. Available throughtou the entire world they are a firm favourite with our friends down under!!

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Pace tyres are a Chinese tyre manufacturer with a global reach.  A relatively new business they are  making headway in the ever changing tyre market.

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With a focus on commerical and military tyres the Turkish tyre producer Petlas also manufactures a range of summer and winter tyres for the budget tyre market. Petlas tyres began its roots in the military tyre market in 1976.

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  The Italian tyre giants Pirelli were founded in 1872 and are now associated with a wide range of sporting championships, including Formula 1 and the World Rally Championship. A Real premium tyre manufacture.

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German tyre producers Platin focus their manufacturing of tyres on the price-performance ratio. So whilst Platin tyres are considered a budget tyre company, they argue that only their price earns them this title and the quality and technology used in production does not merit this.

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Prestivo is part of the Yokohoma tyre group based in Japan and prides itself on what it sees are performance tyres for economy prices, focusing heavily on tyre performance and quality.

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Primewell tyres are part of the Singapore based Giti company and are sold in over 100 countries around the world. Manufactured in Chine and viewed by many as a budget brand, the company also supplies and manufactures tyres for American tyre giants Firestone.

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The flagship brand of Singapore based Omni - United radar has a complete range of high quality yet affordable tyres including passenger car and SUV tyres through winter and commercial tyres.

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Another brand owned by Michelin, focusing on price, but without compromising quality this brand is really for the savvy shopper.

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Roadhog is a UK tyre brand that is available primarily through easywheels and fast fittings centres throughout the UK.

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Launched in 1997 Roadstone tyres are today manufactured by the economy Korean brand Nexen tyres. The companies focuse is on price but through it's partnership with Nexen it is able to utilise the latest technology and advances in it's tyres.

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Rockstone are one of the bigger and more long standing budget tyre producers. With a focus on comfort and a long lasting tyres Rockstone provides a solution for the price conscious, value seeking driver without comprimising on performance and durability.

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Rosava tyres are produced in Ukraine and are strongly established in the

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Rotalla are a fairly recent addition to the budget tyre market. Another tyre manufacturer coming from the booming Chinese industry, suppling a range of sizes and models for those seeking a truly budget tyre.

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Part of the Sailun tyre manufactuering group that was founded in 2002, the Rovelo brand is a new edition to the Budget tyre market and part of a growing number of Asian brands that have been diversifiying their product offerings.

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Part of the Singapore based Giti group, Runway tyres are another of the budget brands produced by the company, manufactured in China. Again, Runway tyres are perfect for the value focused customer looking for a brand backed with experience.

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Sailun tyres were founded in 2002 in Qingdao in China. The company prides itself on being the first Chinese tyre producer to incorporate all stages of the design and manufacturing process in to its business model, undertaking it's own R&D. Sailun tyres has a range of budget models.

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Part of the Goodyear group Sava tyres utilises a lot of the technology and advances that have been made by goodyear throughout their history under the strap line "Quality European Tyres".

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The semperit brand aims to position itself perfectly between quality and price, maintaining it's routes in European manufacturing. The company produces a wide range of tyres including a strong winter line up.

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The Malaysian tyre brand Silverstone began life in 1989 and now exports to more than 60 countries. The companies latest tyres focus on increasing the size of the contact patch.

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With a focus on European quality and utilising the latest in Western technology for their production the Sime tyre company has developed a range of budget tyres producded from it's Asian Factories.

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With over 25 years of experience in manufacturing tyres, the Sonar tyre brand can be relied upon for producing a range of budget tyres for the Western market.

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Sportiva are part of the continental tyre family so you not only will you get great performance and cutting edge technology but at a fraction of the price.

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star performer

Star Performer is a single brand of tyre, produced and owned by the Chinese giants Nankang founded in 1959. The model is produced in a wide selection of sizes with Star Performer tyres classified as a budget summer tyre in sizes up to 20".

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Owned by the same Turkish group that produce Petlas tyres, Starmaxx tyres are produced In Turkey and distributed globally. The parent company of Starmaxx is also a distributor of Toyo and Hankook tyres.

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sumo firenza

Part of the Sumo Tire Group, Sumo Firenza has grown over the past few years to become renowned for producing reliable budget tyres utilising it's motorsport knowledge in the production of passenger vehicle tyres.

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Established in 2002, Sunew are one of the more recent Chinese budget tyre Manufacturers, focusing on high performance tyres in their domestic business and exporting these as budget tyres. The tyre therefore are probably a good bet for discerning customer who doesn't want to sacrifice performance with price.

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A Candaian budget tyre producer, Sunitrac produces tyres to cope with the demanding conditions Canadians face with harsh winters and blistering summers. You can therefore rest assured that this budget tyre manufacturer can produce tyres that whilst price focused, wont lack the quality and performance.

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The largely state owned Sunny tyre brand was founded in 1988 in South China. The company now produces a wide range of economy tyres that are exported to the European market on top of the large domestic sales it achieves, producing over 12 million sales annually.

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Suntek Tyres come from China and make up part of the Crown tyre industrial company. A strong budget tyre with high safety standards.

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German engineering at budget prices. Syron tyres benefit from the European quality and German technology whilst remaining price sensitive. Syron tyres claim to produce affordable tyres without any compromise in performance or style.

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Tigar is another of the brands owned by Michelin and in 2012 the group announced it was planning a 50% increase I production capacity in response to demand. The Tigar tyre company produces a wide range of tyres for all vehicles.

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Toyo tyres have a credible repuation as one of the best high performance tyre manufacturers in the market today. In a USA publication Toyo tyres came out no.1 as best tyres for 8 years running - they are pretty good to say the least!!

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This Chinese budget tyre company has imported much of it's manfucaturing tools and equipment from European countries in a bid to maintain quality in the budget tyre. Tracmax tyres are produced in China, with Tracmax tyres parent company founded in 1986.

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A Budget tyre with great all round perfromace and added value for money.

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Founded in 1976 and with a turnover of over $2bn producing over 25 million tyres annually the Triangle tyre group are one of the largest and longest standing tyre manufacturers in China. Triangle tyres produce a range of budget tyres for over 150 countries worldwide.

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Euro - Tyfoon are a dutch tyre producer who foucs on being a great alternative to the sometimes pricey leading brands. With a mission to provide quality at an affordable price, the company is aided through its partnership with Continental.

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Uniroyal was founded in the early years of 1892 in America, they have built a solid reputation as one of the market leaders creating some of the best tyres within the market. They are highly respected as manufacturers by other tyre companies and were the first compnay to create the rain tyre.   

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The Viking brand is well known in the European markets these days and with a market share of over 50% of the Norwegian market, it is a clear market leader. It has now become an original equipment supplier for VW, Opel, Ford and Volvo.

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Dutch Based Vredestein were founded in the late 1940's and have been ranked as the 4th favourite tyre by consumers across europe. They're specialisation like Nokians with winter and snow performance tyres places them as another strong contender when choosing your winter tyres.

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Wanli Tyres were founded In 1998 in China and produce a wide range of tyres including for light commercial vehicles, HGV's, passenger vehicles and winter tyres.

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Westlake tyres were founded in 1958 in China, and are one of the largest and probably most well known budget tyre manufacturers, ranked by some as the 10th largest in the world.

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Part of the Aushine Group, and founded in 2009, Winda tyres come from a background of Agricultural and heavy duty off road tyres, recently moving in to the passenger tyre market in order to utilise their skills on a wider product range and wider customer audience.

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Part of the same Qingdao rubber group that produce Winda tyres, the Yellowsea Tyre brand is perhaps the flagship brand of the Qingdao Rubber Company Ltd.

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The oldest tyre manufacturer in Japan and established in 1917 Yokohama is a market leader in high performance tyres and are fitted as the original equipment for many high end manufacturers including Audi, Lexus, Mercedes, Nissan, Porsche and Toyota among others.

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Established in 2005 Zeetex tyres are now sold in over 85 countries and the company strives to provide quality, safe tyres in compliance with all major manufacturer guidelines and recommendations.

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Zeta, a subsidary of SD international are based in Shangahai, China. The company produces a range of summer and winter tyres and has positioned itself as an economy tyre producer.

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Zetum Tyres are part of the Kumho tyre family and are very popular in Australia as a good all round budget tyre.

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Confused with your tyre size? Need help on speed ratings? Then read our simple to follow guide and make the correct choice for your vehicle.

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At Easy Wheels we know how important it is to save money. If you find a cheaper tyre elsewhere, give us a call and we will beat the price.

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