Part worn: Not Safe

Yes we’ve brought it up before, and yes we’ve even got an entire page on the site dedicated to it, but todays report from LV Insurance has given us at another opportunity to highlight some of the pitfalls and safety issues with buying part worn tyres.

We’re not going to bore you with the details about safety issues with part worn tyres and all the technical reasons why they’re just a bad idea as you can find out all about that on our part worn tyre guide.

LV Insurance today announced that since 2009 there have been over 23 million part worn tyres sold in the U.K with sales benefiting from those having been hit by the recession. However, LV found that over 25% of those part worn tyres were illegal when they were sold with a huge amount more just scraping in to the legal category.

With fines of up to £100 per tyre and 3 penalty points for each illegal tyre, part worn tyres could end up costing you more than you bargained for. It’s not difficult to see the attractions of part worn tyres, particularly during a recession, but new tyres don’t have to cost a fortune. The average set of part worn tyres will cost you around £150 including fitting, but with offering full sets of new tyres including fitting, balancing, VAT, and disposal of your old tyres from £140, you could even save buying new.

Of course, we also have here at, a lot of motorists who have tried buying part worns and within a couple of months they’re needing new tyres, either due to poor handling or simply they’ve worn below the legal limit of 1.6mm across ¾ of the tyre. So it’s worth considering that part worn tyres are potentially not as cheap as you might have thought.

LV also found that over half a million motorists using part worn tyres had skidded and experienced noticeably longer stopping distances against new tyres, a worrying statistic for those focused on safety.

Finally, just remember, if you are set on buying part worn tyres and you’ve talked to the team or other professionals and we can’t convince you otherwise: Check to see if the part worn tyres you are buying comply with the law and are stamped to show they have been checked against legal standards.

(1.6mm minimum tread depth across ¾ of the tyre and covering 360 degrees is the bare legal minimum. Try not to go below 3mm if possible)


The New Mercedes S-Class Coupe


The first glimpses of the new Mercedes S-Class Coupe have recently been released and it is looking good.  With notable differences from the previous S-Class Coupe the new designs gives the car more aggressive styling and performance.

The New S-Class is to replace the CL, the same engine that is used in the coupe is to be used in the Saloon.  With further improvements to the Magic Body Control suspension the car will scan the coming road for any bumps, potholes and changes in terrain and change the suspension accordingly.   With this the S-Class will now lean into bends, giving the driver more stability when driving round corners allowing the driver to steer faster and with more control and comfort.

All of this sounds a little bit over the top and then you find out that you can upgrade your lighting system on the car to the ‘Intelligent Light System’, which will add 47 Swarovski crystals into the headlamps giving the driver ‘Crystal clear vision’.

As said before the styling is more aggressive than the previous model with long swooping curves down the length of the body and a meatier front grille and bonnet.

Initially the car will be released as a 449bhp V8 that will propel the car from 0-62mph in 4.8 seconds.  The S-class will also come with a restricted top speed of 155mph.

All of this does come at a price.  With a starting figure of about £100k for the S500 and in the region of £120K for the S63AMG it isn’t the cheapest car on the market but then again, which car our there tilts into corners, predicts the terrain and has crystal lights.


The New Audi S1


The rumours are true, the new Audi S1 has been spotted and images of the new car have been leaked just before the unveiling at the Geneva Motor Show next month.

The Audi S1 is the sport version of the very recent Audi A1, which has seen great success in the current market.  The S1 has been brought to the market as a direct competitor to the Renault Clio RS.

The mighty pocket rocket is expected to be packing a turbocharged 2.0-litre engine that will pump out up to 220bhp.  This is a lot of power for such a small car.  This will take the car from 0-62mph in 6.5 seconds.

With this blistering speed you will be pleased to know that the Audi S1 comes with the reputable Audi Quattro all-wheel drive as standard.  The Audi S1 will come in both Manual and Automatic gearbox giving the driver the option of a 6-speed manual and a 7-speed auto.

As well as the new engine the car comes with a new aggressive appearance, expect big bumpers, mesh grills and LED lighting.

It won’t be long until this car is released into the market and when it is, be assured it will be welcomed with open arms.

Fuel Efficient Cars – The Best of The Best

peugeot 308

As cars are becoming more and more efficient, the fuel economy of the car has started to play a more pivotal role in the decision making process of which car to buy.  Drivers have become more concerned about how many miles per gallon they will and how much the car will cost to run on a daily basis.

The latest cars to the Market are outstanding when it comes to fuel efficiency but which car is the best over all.

Not only have cars increased their fuel efficiency performance but they are also producing less CO2 emissions which will reduce the drivers road tax.

A test has recently been carried out to find the best cars on the market with regard to mpg; these results have been taken from the most fuel-efficient cars on sale in the UK according to their combined mpg.

In rank order the results show the top eight cars being:

1 – Peugeot 308 Blue HDi = 91.1 mpg

2 – Volkswagen Golf BlueMotion = 88.3 mpg

3 – Hyundai i20 1.1 CRD = 88.3 mpg

4 – Kia Rio 1.1 CRDi = 88.3 mpg

5 – Renault Clio 1.5 dCi = 88.3 mpg

6 – Skoda Octavia Greenline = 88.3 mpg

7 – Ford Fiesta Econetic = 85.6 mpg

8 – Vauxhall Corsa 1.3 CDTi = 85.6 mpg

Obviously the smaller cars are coming out on top in these results but when choosing a car you have to take more into account than just the mpg.  Smaller cars are great for city living but for someone with family or long commutes the smaller car isn’t going to be the best option.  You have to look at what works for you best.  Diesel engines do give better fuel efficiency and are growing in popularity but if your daily travel is short journeys diesel engines don’t perform as well as petrol.

There is a great deal of things to consider when buying a new car and the fuel economy is only one factor.  What ever you do make sure you do your research and if possible test drive each option to see what feel best for you.

Saving Money When Buying Tyres

buying online

The Internet has brought about great savings to people over the years when buying everyday products.  You can now buy anything from Shampoo to TV cables online, all the time saving you money and time.

The online market place has been growing over the years and it has become easier than ever to get what you want when you want it.

The tyre industry has followed suit and it is now possible to buy your tyres online and arrange to get them fitted at an independent local fitter near to your location at a time that suits you.  This process is not only very convenient but also comes with great savings to the customer.  Online tyre retailers are able to cut the prices of their tyres because they have very low operational costs giving the customer a better deal when it comes to buying tyres.  Not only is the buyer able to browse, research and make an educated purchase they also have the confidence that they are buying from reputable supplier and the tyres they are buying are actually of good quality and will perform, as they want them to.  More than often consumer are miss sold tyres thinking they are good quality high profile brands, when in reality they are poor quality tyres that wont give the buyer a good performance.

The process of buying tyres online is relatively new but is seeing quick growth within the market.  Consumers prefer to know what they are buying and know that they are getting the best deal possible.  Customers can now compare and review tyres, giving feedback on experiences with certain tyre models and brands.  All of this helps the user to choose the right tyre for their vehicle and be assured that what they are buying is actually what they want.

So what are you likely to save when buying online?  If you take one of the leading high street tyre retailers, Kwikfit and compare the prices of an established online retailer, you can see that the saving to be made are vast, on some tyre tyres the savings can be up to 50%.  When you take this saving across 4 new tyres the actual money saved really does add up.

The trend of buying tyres online is on the up for a reason and with more sales comes more confidence and more savings.  If you’re looking for new tyres then buying online is definitely the way forward.

Whats important to you in a tyre?

The first of a regular feature from Easywheels in which we aim to show you our top picks for the week based on what you value in a tyre. Everyone has different priorities when looking for their new tyres, whether they’re looking for the cheapest new tyres, or their looking for the most fuel efficient, we hear it all on the phones here at HQ.

So below we’ve chosen two of the most popular qualities and attributions people look for in a tyre and given you our top pick of the week. Don’t be fooled though, just because one tyre performs particularly well in the wet or has supreme rolling resistance, it’s not to say it wont be quiet and long lasting. Remember, these our top picks so they score highly across the board and aim to offer performance in all conditions.


1. Price: Our number one thing that we hear here at is that people are looking for tyres based on price, or working to a budget. For some people this is fine, if you’re not pushing the car too hard and are avoiding the off road conditions and snow this isn’t an issue, and a budget or mid range tyre will more than do the job for you, particularly with one of these.


So we’ve picked two of our favourite budget tyres below:


Really a mid range tyre, the Toyo Proxes CF2 scores incredibly well across the size range, with a C for fuel efficiency, low noise emissions (70dB) and incredible wet performance, (One off the top with a B) for a tyre priced from only £58.70.

Toyo Proxes CF2

 Toyo Proxes CF-2


Infinity Ecosis: with a budget price and the characteristics of a mid range tyre, the Infinity is a fantastic option for the price conscious amongst us. Starting at just £47.50 and scoring up to a C in rolling resistance, C in wet weather performance (2 from the best possible!!) and with low rolling resistance at only 70dB.

Infinity Ecosis

Infinity Ecosis


2. Environmental  – We don’t hear nearly enough of this currently, but we do still have some customers who are considering the environment and their wallet. We reckon that the reason most people overlook the environmental credentials are because they associate green with being expensive.

However, with tyres you couldn’t be more wrong. For often a small premium initially you’re able to recoup your costs 2 or 3 times over through improved rolling resistance that means you’ll spend less at the pump.

Don’t think that lower rolling resistance means a sacrifice in performance, just look at our top picks below.


Dunlop Sport BluResponse: From only £75.00

An incredible tyre packing a whole lot of performance for the price, the Dunlop Sport BluResponse offers superb wet weather performance scoring an A rating across the sizes, with low noise emissions and rolling resistance to envy, (B rated) this tyre will save you money whilst keeping you safe.

Dunlop Sport BluResponse

Dunlop Sport BluResponse


Michelin Energy Saver +: From just £72.00

The upgrade to arguably Michelins most successful tyre to date, the Energy Saver + is designed to help save you money in the long run.  Perhaps a little more expensive than most people would consider, it aims though to keep you going 6,000 miles longer than its nearest competitor, and reduce fuel consumption along the way.

With spectacular wet weather scores across the size range, the tyres not only friendly towards the environment and your wallet, but it will also keep you safe in the wet.

Michelin Energy Saver +

Michelin Energy Saver +


Hankook – Premium Approvals Rocket


Korean tyre manufacturer Hankook recently invited a whole host of tyre industry professionals and journalists to Spain in order to showcase some of it’s latest technological advances and highlight some of it’s recent successes.

2013 proved to be Hankook’s year, scoring what the company’s European public relations director called a “milestone in our company’s history” with the news that the Ventus Prime 2 has been approved by Mercedes for use as original equipment on the new S Class. Initially covering the 245/55 R17, there has been a recent flurry of original equipment scores for Hankook inn the premium end of the market.
With the Ventus S1 Evo2 being given the nod by BMW for use on their prestigious 5 series, and a further approval from Mercedes for use on the E Class (Size 225/50 R17) early this year, it seems like 2014 will see Hankook’s success continue.
A further accolade that Hankook have been keen to highlight is the selection from BMW of the Ventus S1 Evo2 SUV as use as OE on the new X5; particularly poignant considering this was the Korean manufacturers first SUV homologation.

With such impressive credentials and more seemingly on the way, Hankook will now garner further respect among those in the after market and should find positioning themselves as a more premium brand a much easier task in the future.

2013 also saw nearly $2billion dollars of investment in new factories and production facilities across, North America, Indonesia and China along with significant investment in its European plant in Hungary.

All this sends out a strong message from Hankook who are clearly aiming to shake their mid range tyre image and cement their position as a leading manufacturer of premium performance tyres.

With this Ultra high performance range scoring so many original equipment approvals the company will hope that it’s latest range, currently under development and closely guarded secret will help to maintain the momentum and success. has a wide range of Hankook tyres in stock across a range of sizes and can often cater for a wider range than is listed on the site. If you’re interested in the Ventus series from Hankook, whether it’s the S1 Evo2, the S1 Evo2 SUV or any other tyres from the Korean Manufacturer, call today on: 0333 9000 201 and someone will be happy to help.

What not to do on a snow covered road!

The thrill from your can sometimes be unrivalled but there are certainly occasions when you should try to contain that boy racer urge in you to show off, and try pull the biggest drift.

Winter conditions and on public roads are just two examples of scenarios in which you should reign in that urge and keep the car steady and straight. Whilst we wouldn’t advise trying to drift in either, we certainly wouldn’t be recommending to try drifting on a snow covered winter road.

This video comes to us from Russia and shows and Audi S5 attempting to pull of what looks like a 4 wheel slide. Everything seems to be going well for the Russian daredevil until out of nowhere a bus stop appears.

A prime example of why you should treat your cars power and mother nature with respect. Luckily no one was hurt in this clip but is pretty certain there will be some bruised ego’s and battered wallets as a result.

Don’t forget that to maintain the best levels of grip in the winter, particularly during current periods of increased surface water, nothing compares to putting winter tyres on your vehicle.

Don’t try this at home.


Kumho’s Self-Sealing tyre

Kumho Self seal

If ever there was a good idea, this has to be it.  Kumho, the South Korean tyre manufacturer has revealed that they plan to release the new seal-sealing tyre.  The new concept from Kumho will come under the name of “K-Seal” and will put an end to flat tyres.

Kumho are not the first to market with this idea, the revolutionary technology and has been brought to the market before from Continental and Pirelli and is widely used on many cars as original equipment.

Kumho have said the performance of the tyre will not be affected and it will have the same comfort and handling as standard tyre in the market.  The only difference will be the weight  of the tyre.  The tyre will be coming in at 10% heavier than the standard tyre.

To start, Kumho intend to release the K-Seal tyres as part of the Majesty Solus range and will be available in three sizes:

235/45ZR17 XL 97W

245/45ZR19 XL 102W

275/40ZR19 XK 105W

Obviously this technology comes at a cost, Kumho have said that the new K-Seal technology will add a further 30% to the price of the standard Majesty Solus range.

Kumho hope to gain more market share with the K-seal technology. stock a full range of Kumho tyres. With over 2000 local fitting throughout the Uk.  Getting new tyres fitted has never been easier.

7 Genius Ways to Recycle Tyres

At we aim to make sure as many of your tyrs as possible are recycled and ensure that all the rest are responsibly guaranteed. As it’s all part of the price you pay when you buy your new tyres from we thought we’d show you a few of the more creative things people are doing with their old tyres.

If you’ve ever got any questions about how your tyres are going to be disposed of or recycled or if you would like to keep your old tyres to utilise around the garden give us a call on 0333 9000 201 either before or after you’ve placed your order and we’ll be happy to help.

On to the good stuff…..

1. The old classic, using your tyres to hand wall plants in. A firm favourite for many and if you fancy, you can stack them on the ground, fill them with soil and grow pretty much anything you can think of.

TyrePotHanging Wall Plant Tyre

 2. Bike stands! I bet you didn’t see this one coming. Just sink the tyres in to the ground and you’ll have a new bike stand in minutes.

Tyres used for a bike stand


3. Playgrounds. Of course, we’ve seen them everywhere. Whilst probably not what you’ll do with your spare tyres (you’d need quite a few), this is just one of the ways in which tyres can be recycled to find a new home.

Playgrounds from tyres


4. Shoes and hand bags!? Yes, believe it, some clever chaps in Japan have decided to recycle used tyres to make shoes, bags, and plenty of other consumer goods, keeping you on the move for even longer! Check out Seal here!

Shoes from tyres Bags made from tyres

 5. The uses just keep on coming. Roof tiles.  You can now buy recycled tyres that have been used to make roof shingles or roof tyres.

Roof Tiles from tyres Roof shingles

6. Why not make a road out of old tyres? With all the rain and floods hammering the Southwest at the minute, they’ve turned to old tyres to raise the level of the road and give access to the 1000’s cut off by this flooding.

Road made from tyres

7. And finally, a favourite for everyone. The swing!

Tree Swing Tyre