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Types of Car Tyres

Winter Tyres

While growing in popularity, winter tyres are not as commonly used in the UK as they are in other countries around the world... read more

Extra Load Tyres

Extra load tyres can cause some confusion for motorists everywhere ? how do you know when you should be using them compared to normal tyres? and more

Run Flat Tyres

The increase in the number of cars using run flats is largely down to the perceived security and safety enhancements... read more

What are remould tyres?

Remould tyres are a controversial option. They can present a much cheaper tyre option than new products because the shell of an old tyre is recoated with a new tread. There are strict tests to pass and as long as you don't exceed the limits imposed on them, they should work fine. They are also an environmentally friendly option as they use old tyres rather than burn them but there are plenty of issues on the same topic, and we want you to fully understand the topic at Easy Wheels... more

What tyres should I use for my camper van?

If you are the type of person who enjoys the great outdoors as well as taking long rives, then the chances are you will be the proud owner of a camper van. Camper vans traditionally use tyres which are specifically designed for them, with the main difference being that they have a tougher sidewall, which in turn helps reduce tyre movement and stops the vehicle from swaying around when cornering... more

What tyres should I use for my coupe?

Tyres are designed using a specific blend of rubber that helps you grip the road better and provide traction, so when you are driving at high speeds they are working tirelessly to ensure that every movement you make from the steering wheel is met with an appropriate response. We have a wide selection of tyres that are.. more

What tyres should I use for my hatchback?

Here at Easy Wheels we have sourced all of our tyres from the best brands from across the globe, meaning that you have access to a selection of tyres that can help you get the most out of your hatchback. Due to their smaller size, hatchbacks make for excellent city cars and as such they are used to being used in very hard and heavily used road surfaces, so you will need a tyre that can accommodate these conditions... more

What tyres should I use for my mini-van?

Unlike traditional car tyres, van tyres are designed to provide a much sturdier ride as they try to cope with a larger frame. Mini-van tyres have strengthened sidewalls in order to cope with the additional weight they carry, not to mention the increased number of people that they can support too... more

What tyres should I use for my sports car?

Choosing the right set of tyres is paramount when it comes to sports cars, because unlike traditional vehicles they are capable of reaching extreme speeds. Not only that, but they will also be subjected to harsher breaking and will require firmer handling around corners, meaning that they will need a class of tyre that is up to the job of supporting these factors... more

What tyres should I use for my truck?

Your tyres are one of the most important components of your vehicle, as they can alter the handling, performance, fuel efficiency and more so ensuring they are in an acceptable condition is definitely a must. Here at Easy Wheels we have a wide range of tyres which are designed to keep your truck performing at its maximum at all times... more

What tyres should I use for my 4x4?

When it comes to purchasing tyres for your 4x4 you need to consider where you will mainly be driving, whether it?s on asphalt road surfaces or mainly off-road. We have a wide range of 4x4 tyres that are designed for various driving styles here at Easy Wheels so you can be sure to find great value with your desired choice. more

What tyres should I use for my car?

There are a number of variables to consider when selecting the right set of tyres for your car, but in order to achieve the safest and most efficient ride there can only be one correct choice. Cars come in all shapes and sizes, so the sizes and style of the tyre will generally differ depending on what type of car you own. In addition to this, you also need to take into account the seasons, as there are tyres that are designed specifically for winter and summer. more

What tyres should I use for my estate?

Many people who drive estate cars tend to have larger families, so ensuring that their safety is protected is paramount when choosing a set of tyres. It is important to make sure that you have the best tyres fitted at all times because any fault could result in your vehicle underperforming or worse, you could be involved in an accident. Fitting the correct tyres to your estate car can provide you with a number of benefits and help ensure your family is protected when driving. more

What tyres should I use for my microcar?

Much like a hatchback, a microcar is perfect for use around a city environment. Because of its smaller size these cars are popular options for people looking to get from A to B around a busy city without having to worry about space and fuel economy. Choosing the right set of tyres can help improve fuel economy, especially if your previous set have become worn and the tread is damaged. more

What tyres should I use for my saloon?

As with most choices in life, it can often come down to the finest details when it comes to making the correct decision and that is the same with your tyre selection. We can offer you a wide range of tyres to suit your saloon vehicle here at Easy Wheels to help give you a better performance when driving. more

What tyres should I use for my SUV?

Finding the right tyres for your SUV is essential if you want to perform at its maximum ability, which is why we have a wide selection of tyres on offer from some of the leading manufacturers. You should never sacrifice on quality with tyres, especially when it comes to SUVs, which is why all our options are designed to give you the best quality at all times. more

What tyres should I use for my van?

When it comes to choosing a set of tyres for your van it can be something of a difficult choice, as there are numerous factors you have to take into account such as: your driving style; load weight and average travelling distance among other things. Vans are typically used among businesses for shipping and construction purposes, meaning that they require a supportive base to adequately provide safe travel. more

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