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What are winter tyres?

Winter tyres are designed to provide improved performance over a traditional summer or all year tyre, specifically when temperatures fall below seven Degrees.
The specialised compound used in a winter tyre means that it remains softer and more flexible in colder conditions, allowing for more grip, improved braking, traction and handling.
The tread designs on winter tyres are specifically designed to provide the increased levels of grip required for driving on snow covered or icy surfaces.
As a rule of thumb winter tyres generally have a lower speed rating than summer tyres due to the softer compounds used in their design and manufacture. Despite this though, some winter tyres can still drive at speeds of up to 149mph.
When your winter tyres are fitted you should have a sticker placed on your windscreen reminding you of the limit at which you should drive your car whilst driving on winter tyres.
Check out the winter tyre guide here.


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