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What is / How do I find my tyre size?

The easiest way to find your tyre size is to check the sidewall of your current tyre or use the registration search on the easywheels.co.uk homepage which will tell you the recomended tyre sizes for your vehicle.  Look for a series of numbers and letters which will usually be displayed like this: (205/ 55 R16 V91). These will sometimes be shown in a slightly different order depending on your tyre and may contain other pieces of information such as RF (Runflat tyre) or XL (extra load) etc...

These will also help you to choose the right tyre for your vehicle. You can find out what any terms or abreviation means by using our glossary. The registration search tool will show you the recommended tyre sizes for your vehicle, but these could differ from what you currently have.

This is because a previous owner may have changed them, or modifications you have undertaken, so we always recommend checking the tyre size you select matches your current tyre. It's also worth checking your front and back tyres as some manufacturers such as BMW differ the front and back sizes.

You can always consult your vehicle handbook, or if you need further peace of mind we're only a phone call or email away: sales@easywheels.co.uk / 0333 9000 201


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