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Why it is important to find the right size and type of tyre?

One of the biggest mistakes that consumers make when renewing their tyres is that they fail to use the correct size, when all they have to do is refer to the side of the tyre for sizing or even check the driver’s manual. The size of your tyre affects your car in a number of ways and if you fail to fit your car with the correct sized tyres then not only will your performance be hampered, but you could also end up being involved in an accident. Your car’s performance will drop significantly and tasks that you would normally expect it to achieve can become quite difficult, while your safety will be at risk because it can result in a serious injury or even death – so make sure you take this into consideration when selecting tyres.

When it comes to safety and performance, then your tyres are one of the most important features of your car. They are the only things that connect your car to the ground and as such they control its performance and safety, meaning that modern technological advances like ABS and traction control would be rendered useless as it depends on the quality of the tyre for them to work correctly. Tyres are responsible for keeping your car steady on the road and they also help protect you in wet conditions, so it is important that you are well-informed on how they work and what size is best for you. Although the majority of people own a car, it is safe to say that not everyone fully understands how they work, but finding out the specifications can be relatively easy and could be very beneficial for you.

What types of tyres are available?

There are several different tyre designs on the market that help your car’s performance in certain situations, with some providing more benefits than others in certain areas. Some common examples of tyre include:

Summer tyres

Summer, or high-performance, tyres, have softer rubber than their winter, or all-season, counterparts, as their design allows for them to have a better grip on the road in the hotter summer months where tyres tend to act differently than normal. Thanks to this design, they can withstand a lot more friction and perform better when at high-speeds, while their special tread is designed to get better traction on rain-soaked roads.

Winter tyres

Winter tyres are designed for the harsher conditions such as snow and ice, while their unique blend of rubber can withstand freezing temperatures – making them perfect for the winter months. This thicker rubber is made of a silica-based compound and the special grooves help to push away any slush and build-up of snow in the same way a plough would.  For further information on winter tyres, see the easywheels winter tyre guide.


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