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Why is it worth investing in new tyres?

One of the main benefits of investing in a new set of tyres is that it keeps your car performing at its maximum, and if you keep repeating this process on a regular basis you will help to ensure that you are getting value for money. Experts recommend that you upgrade your tyres on average every six years to guarantee that you get the most out of them before it’s time to make a change and upgrade them. If you let a tyre run flat or allow it to become worn and damaged, then not only will this have a negative impact on your vehicle’s performance, but it can also result in an accident which could leave you seriously injured.

Tyres are responsible for a number of important features on your car and without them your journey will become a lot less safe. By ensuring that you keep on top of your tyres and investing in a new set, you are able to improve a number of features such as handling, breaking and fuel economy, because without them all the technology in your car would become redundant. Your tyres are the only thing that connects your car to the ground and therefore everything is directed through them, so even if you have the most powerful engine, ABS and Traction Control, they won’t work as effective without tyres.

Consider how you drive

Regardless of what tyres you purchase or how expensive they are, it is important that you take into consideration how you drive and what effects it will have on your tyres. If you are the type of driver that uses excessive speed and breaking, then it is more than likely that they will be more susceptible to damage, so you will require a tyre that has stern materials and good tread.

A tyre is only as good as how you drive, so you should take into consideration these facts when purchasing:

·         Refer to your driver’s manual to get the correct measurements for your tyre

·         Do you do a lot of long journeys on motorways, or do you use your car as a means of getting around town?

·         Make sure you buy a tyre that is capable of supporting your vehicle’s weight

·         Keep in mind that tyre selection is a balance between ride quality, noise, fuel economy, wear, load capability and cost


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