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Which tyre should I choose?

Unlike many others on the hgh street we're able to stock a massive 10,000 tyres, giving you the widest selection possible, from budget tyres, to performance or winter tyres. Each tyre will have a full description, and tyre labelling information that is standardised across all 10,000 tyres enabling you to make an easy and informed decision based on the factors that are important to you, whether its enviornmental, noise or stopping distance.

If price is important to you our price categories and arrangement options allow you to see the tyres suited for your budget. However, we would advise against thinking solely about the price you pay now. Your tyres have a huge impact on your driving comfort, safety, and in fact on the amount money you spend on fuel across the life of the tyre, so the price you pay now might mean you save in the long run if you choose the right tyre. All our tyres have label allowing you to compare these features of each.


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