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Where can I get low-cost tyres?

When it comes to purchasing new tyres for your car, there are three main ways of achieving this: either from a franchised dealer, a ‘fast fit’ specialist tyre supplier or an online seller. In general, many people will choose to buy from a main dealer and if you do so it’s likely they’ll have the right tyres for your car, but because they only have what they can stock, they don’t usually have a wide range so don’t expect to get a certain make or size when buying.

When it comes to tyre specialists however, they generally have a wide selection available and are usually the most convenient if you need a new tyre on short notice – a great option for buyers, especially if you are looking for a tyre that isn’t regularly available. If you are good at haggling, then the chances are you can get a decent tyre for a reasonable price too, because they have plenty in abundance and can afford to lower the price.

In the era of the internet, more and more people are choosing to buy online – and with good reason too as sellers have a very wide selection and prices can be low depending on where you look. Unlike specialists however, you won’t be able to haggle and the prices are always set, plus if you need a new tyre on short notice then don’t expect that with an online seller. Most online sellers will send you to a tyre specialist for fitting, while some will come out to your workplace or home, so they are convenient from that perspective.

When is the best time to buy tyres?

Discovering when your tyre needs changing is not as difficult as it seems, all that is required is that you regularly check them to see if they are in working condition. By law, car tyres must have a tread depth of at least 1.6mm around the full circumference and you have to ensure that this is the case (you can usually check with a 20 pence coin); otherwise you could cause a serious accident. If you find that you are losing grip in what conditions or you are veering off to one particular direction, then this is a sign that your tyres are faulty and in need of replacement.

When changing tyres, the first thing to consider is which car tyres need replacing. Now in an ideal situation you should replace all your car tyres at the same time, but this is rarely practical because front and rear tyres wear at different rates. Most tyres last around six years apiece, so you should be fine unless you have an accident or hit an object, but this can be avoided if you become more cautious in certain conditions.


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