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What should I consider when buying new tyres?

Changing your car’s tyres on a regular basis is a fundamental part of being a safe driver and as such you should take precaution before choosing a set, as there are a number of important factors that you should take into consideration when buying. After all, they are your vehicle’s only contact with the road and therefore require the highest quality materials to accommodate this fact, because without tyres even the most advanced cars would struggle to come to a stop when needed.

The tyres on your car work in exactly the same way as a shoe does for your feet, as they are essentially what keep your car protected while ensuring a smooth journey. A tyre absorbs all of the blows and forces that are thrust upon it by the road and this helps to ensure that you are safe and comfortable, because if they weren’t there then your journey would become very unpleasant and dangerous as a result. Imagine if you walked around everywhere barefooted; it would become a very difficult process and you could end up stepping on something that could harm you, which is what would happen to your car without tyres.

It is a legal requirement to ensure that your tyres are in full working order and that they be replaced every few years or so for maximum performance, such is the dependence your car has on them. When it comes to purchasing new tyres, here are some things that you should take into consideration:

·         Safety – your new tyres will be the biggest safety element on your car, because they can determine how your breaks, handling and accelerating will be controlled – they are what keep your car planted on the ground and provide traction to your movements.


·         Handling – you can have the most powerful engine in the world, but without tyres all that will be in vain as there will be no traction for it to enforce its power. Tyres can provide your car with the grip it needs to convey its way around the road and determine how much grip is required.


·         Fuel economy – the condition of your tyres can drastically affect your fuel economy, because if you have poor quality tyres then they will create more friction and require you to use more power – meaning that you use more fuel.

Tyres have been a vehicle's most important safety feature for more than 100 years. Ever since there creation they have determined the safety of every driver on the road, because any action you make with the steering wheel, brake or accelerator is transmitted to the road through the tyres – so choose wisely.


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