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Should I buy Part Worn Tyres?

When it comes to fitting your car with a brand new set of tyres it can quite often be a costly venture, which is why many people resort to purchasing part worn tyres instead as an often cheaper alternative. Now although they are in fact legal to purchase and are in some cases cheaper, it can’t be stressed enough that part worn tyres should be avoided. Your tyres are the most important aspect of a car in terms of performance and safety, and are the only thing between you and the road; which is why nothing compares to what a brand new set can provide you with.

Throughout the U.K, if you’re now looking for a cheap set of tyres, then here at Easywheels we have a wide selection of brand new car tyres from some of the industry’s leading manufacturers at prices that won’t break the bank. Whether you require a certain size, style or feature, we pride ourselves on stocking well-priced high quality new tyres, allowing you to steer well clear of the potential dangers associated with part worn tyres, whilst still saving you money.

What are the issues with buying part worn tyres?

Although you may think you are getting a good deal when purchasing part worn tyres, you could in fact end up having to fork out a lot more than you anticipated. Handling and performance can be seriously compromised. This effect on handling can have two negative outcomes for your vehicle, the less serious of which is simple damage to your vehicle through the poor set up of the tyres. The more serious outcome could be that of a crash, with reduced handling, often poor tread across the whole tyre, and no guarantees given, you could be liable for a hefty repair bill. In addition to this, part worn tyres can also have an effect on fuel consumption, knocking off tracking and potentially leading to your vehicle feeling every bump and crevice on the road, meaning it can create drag and your engine will have to work harder.

Part worn tyres should be avoided at all cost from a safety and performance perspective, and some key reasons why you need to look at new tyres include:

Tread – tyre tread levels in the UK are required to be a minimum of 1.6mm (or the depth of a 20p piece) across 75% of the tyre surface. Many Part worn tyres don’t meet these standards and have worn unevenly on their previous owners vehicle, putting you at risk of an accident and in contravention of the law.

Carcass – the carcass is essentially the outer shell of a tyre and is therefore the most susceptible to damage. Not all Part worn resellers will check this, and damage sustained during an accident may have compromised the casing without being immediately obvious to the untrained eye. You won’t have this problem when buying new.

Bead – a tyre’s bead is essentially what holds the tyre to the rim and if this is damaged then you could be at risk of having a serious accident. Again, you don’t have to worry about this when purchasing a set of cheap new car tyres from Easywheels.co.uk

EU Tyre label – Part worn tyres do not currently carry the EU tyre label information, and any reseller that offers this, knows that these results only apply to a new tyre. Due to a whole host of factors including uneven wear, and damage to the tyre, these cannot be relied on when purchasing a part worn tyre.

Here at Easywheels.co.uk we understand that your safety is paramount when choosing a set of tyres and that’s why only offer great prices on brand new tyres. With all the tyres on Easywheels.co.uk carrying the full EU Tyre label, you can rest assured that tyres purchased from Easywheels wont let you down. Stay safe and buy new.


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