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How do I know which are the best tyres for my car?

For over a century tyres have been providing cars with unrivalled levels of safety and performance so when it comes to finding a new set for your vehicle, it is important that you take this into consideration and choose wisely. Because your car’s tyres are the only thing that comes into connection with the ground all the power which is generated is diverted through them, so every tap on the break peddle, turn of the wheel and acceleration is controlled by your tyres.

If you fail to maintain the standard of your tyres then the performance of the car will suffer greatly, causing you to encounter a number of issues such as decreased fuel efficiency, poor handling and unsafe breaking distances. It doesn’t matter if you have the biggest engine, the most sensitive brakes and the most advanced technology, because if you don’t have effective tyres then they won’t be able to perform as well as they should.

When it comes to finding out what the best tyres are for your car, then there are several elements that you need to take into consideration as the wrong choice could have a negative impact on your performance. Some elements which should help you with your decision include:

Driving style – it is important that you take into consideration how you drive and what effects it will have on your tyres. So if you spend a lot of your time driving on motorways at excessive speeds, then you will need a tyre that is durable and can withstand a lot of friction.

Vehicle type – if you have a large vehicle such as an SUV then you need tyres that can compensate for its size and weight, as well as the conditions you will most likely be driving in, so using tyres from a hatchback could pose a serious threat to safety and performance.

Refer to drivers manual – if you are unsure as to which tyre is the most appropriate for your vehicle, then simply refer to the drivers manual and it will provide you with the information you need. Specifications such as size, weight, load capacity and steering will be displayed to help give you a better idea.


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