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How can I tell whether a tyre is good quality?

One of the most important factors of your car is having a set of tyres that are in good condition, because if they do not meet the appropriate standards you will not only be breaking the law, but you will also be putting people’s lives at risk and limiting the performance of your car too. It is your job to ensure that your tyres are of the highest standard, so when it comes to purchasing new tyres make sure that they are compatible for your vehicle and your driving style.

A good quality tyre can be indicated by a number of things, but the most obvious detail is that it should have plenty of tread so that you can be sure it will maintain its grip on the road. This is so that your car can perform better and if you have to suddenly swerve to avoid a dog or child running into the road, or take a sharp corner in the rain, then you will be safe. When the weather is poor and wet, it reduces the amount of friction between tyres and road and you are more likely to lose grip and slide or skid with your steering ability consequently much less than normal. A good tyre will provide you with substantial grip and even provide a better stopping distance when breaking, which could make a real difference in an emergency situation.

Another factor of a good quality tyre is that they will give you better fuel consumption as they provide you with a smooth ride and less friction. If they are left to ruin then your car will have to do more work in order to get results and this requires a lot of fuel, a costly resource in the current climate.

The law states that in order for you and other road users to remain safe, you must update your tyres n average every six years or so when they are in a poor condition to ensure you feel the maximum benefit. Your tyres are one of the most important aspects of the car and they are responsible for a number of things, so if you have a set of tyres that are damaged then it could result in some very serious consequences for your vehicle and your health. 


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