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How can good tyres make a real difference to your car?

Although you may not think it the quality of your tyres can make all the difference when it comes to the performance of your car. Tyres can sometimes be quite costly for your car, but it is a necessary expense nonetheless, because if you fail to maintain the condition of them then you will be putting yourself and other road users in danger. They are what keep your car moulded to the ground, so if they are faulty they can cause you to lose stability and even affect your fuel consumption.

A good quality tyre with plenty of tread on it will maintain its grip on the road if you have to swerve suddenly to avoid a dog or child running into the road, or take a sharp corner in the wet. Wet weather reduces the friction between tyres and road and you are more likely to lose grip and slide or skid with your steering ability consequently much less than normal. Good tyres will also enable you to brake and stop within the minimum distance, whereas partly worn tyres will mean longer distances before you come to a complete halt and this could make a real difference in an emergency situation.

New tyres are much better at gripping to the road then some that have clocked up a lot of mileage, so when you replace them it’s best to change all four at once so it can give you a better gauge of how well they are performing. By doing this, it will also help the car retain its stability which can be lost through the gradual wearing down of tyres – this best example of this would be when the car inadvertently leans to one side when you release your grip on the steering wheel. 


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