Whats important to you in a tyre?

The first of a regular feature from Easywheels in which we aim to show you our top picks for the week based on what you value in a tyre. Everyone has different priorities when looking for their new tyres, whether they’re looking for the cheapest new tyres, or their looking for the most fuel efficient, we hear it all on the phones here at Easywheels.co.uk HQ.

So below we’ve chosen two of the most popular qualities and attributions people look for in a tyre and given you our top pick of the week. Don’t be fooled though, just because one tyre performs particularly well in the wet or has supreme rolling resistance, it’s not to say it wont be quiet and long lasting. Remember, these our top picks so they score highly across the board and aim to offer performance in all conditions.


1. Price: Our number one thing that we hear here at Easywheels.co.uk is that people are looking for tyres based on price, or working to a budget. For some people this is fine, if you’re not pushing the car too hard and are avoiding the off road conditions and snow this isn’t an issue, and a budget or mid range tyre will more than do the job for you, particularly with one of these.


So we’ve picked two of our favourite budget tyres below:


Really a mid range tyre, the Toyo Proxes CF2 scores incredibly well across the size range, with a C for fuel efficiency, low noise emissions (70dB) and incredible wet performance, (One off the top with a B) for a tyre priced from only £58.70.

Toyo Proxes CF2

 Toyo Proxes CF-2


Infinity Ecosis: with a budget price and the characteristics of a mid range tyre, the Infinity is a fantastic option for the price conscious amongst us. Starting at just £47.50 and scoring up to a C in rolling resistance, C in wet weather performance (2 from the best possible!!) and with low rolling resistance at only 70dB.

Infinity Ecosis

Infinity Ecosis


2. Environmental  – We don’t hear nearly enough of this currently, but we do still have some customers who are considering the environment and their wallet. We reckon that the reason most people overlook the environmental credentials are because they associate green with being expensive.

However, with tyres you couldn’t be more wrong. For often a small premium initially you’re able to recoup your costs 2 or 3 times over through improved rolling resistance that means you’ll spend less at the pump.

Don’t think that lower rolling resistance means a sacrifice in performance, just look at our top picks below.


Dunlop Sport BluResponse: From only £75.00

An incredible tyre packing a whole lot of performance for the price, the Dunlop Sport BluResponse offers superb wet weather performance scoring an A rating across the sizes, with low noise emissions and rolling resistance to envy, (B rated) this tyre will save you money whilst keeping you safe.

Dunlop Sport BluResponse

Dunlop Sport BluResponse


Michelin Energy Saver +: From just £72.00

The upgrade to arguably Michelins most successful tyre to date, the Energy Saver + is designed to help save you money in the long run.  Perhaps a little more expensive than most people would consider, it aims though to keep you going 6,000 miles longer than its nearest competitor, and reduce fuel consumption along the way.

With spectacular wet weather scores across the size range, the tyres not only friendly towards the environment and your wallet, but it will also keep you safe in the wet.

Michelin Energy Saver +

Michelin Energy Saver +


Hankook – Premium Approvals Rocket


Korean tyre manufacturer Hankook recently invited a whole host of tyre industry professionals and journalists to Spain in order to showcase some of it’s latest technological advances and highlight some of it’s recent successes.

2013 proved to be Hankook’s year, scoring what the company’s European public relations director called a “milestone in our company’s history” with the news that the Ventus Prime 2 has been approved by Mercedes for use as original equipment on the new S Class. Initially covering the 245/55 R17, there has been a recent flurry of original equipment scores for Hankook inn the premium end of the market.
With the Ventus S1 Evo2 being given the nod by BMW for use on their prestigious 5 series, and a further approval from Mercedes for use on the E Class (Size 225/50 R17) early this year, it seems like 2014 will see Hankook’s success continue.
A further accolade that Hankook have been keen to highlight is the selection from BMW of the Ventus S1 Evo2 SUV as use as OE on the new X5; particularly poignant considering this was the Korean manufacturers first SUV homologation.

With such impressive credentials and more seemingly on the way, Hankook will now garner further respect among those in the after market and should find positioning themselves as a more premium brand a much easier task in the future.

2013 also saw nearly $2billion dollars of investment in new factories and production facilities across, North America, Indonesia and China along with significant investment in its European plant in Hungary.

All this sends out a strong message from Hankook who are clearly aiming to shake their mid range tyre image and cement their position as a leading manufacturer of premium performance tyres.

With this Ultra high performance range scoring so many original equipment approvals the company will hope that it’s latest range, currently under development and closely guarded secret will help to maintain the momentum and success.

Easywheels.co.uk has a wide range of Hankook tyres in stock across a range of sizes and can often cater for a wider range than is listed on the site. If you’re interested in the Ventus series from Hankook, whether it’s the S1 Evo2, the S1 Evo2 SUV or any other tyres from the Korean Manufacturer, call Easywheels.co.uk today on: 0333 9000 201 and someone will be happy to help.

What not to do on a snow covered road!

The thrill from your can sometimes be unrivalled but there are certainly occasions when you should try to contain that boy racer urge in you to show off, and try pull the biggest drift.

Winter conditions and on public roads are just two examples of scenarios in which you should reign in that urge and keep the car steady and straight. Whilst we wouldn’t advise trying to drift in either, we certainly wouldn’t be recommending to try drifting on a snow covered winter road.

This video comes to us from Russia and shows and Audi S5 attempting to pull of what looks like a 4 wheel slide. Everything seems to be going well for the Russian daredevil until out of nowhere a bus stop appears.

A prime example of why you should treat your cars power and mother nature with respect. Luckily no one was hurt in this clip but Easywheels.co.uk is pretty certain there will be some bruised ego’s and battered wallets as a result.

Don’t forget that to maintain the best levels of grip in the winter, particularly during current periods of increased surface water, nothing compares to putting winter tyres on your vehicle.

Don’t try this at home.


7 Genius Ways to Recycle Tyres

At Easywheels.co.uk we aim to make sure as many of your tyrs as possible are recycled and ensure that all the rest are responsibly guaranteed. As it’s all part of the price you pay when you buy your new tyres from Easywheels.co.uk we thought we’d show you a few of the more creative things people are doing with their old tyres.

If you’ve ever got any questions about how your tyres are going to be disposed of or recycled or if you would like to keep your old tyres to utilise around the garden give us a call on 0333 9000 201 either before or after you’ve placed your order and we’ll be happy to help.

On to the good stuff…..

1. The old classic, using your tyres to hand wall plants in. A firm favourite for many and if you fancy, you can stack them on the ground, fill them with soil and grow pretty much anything you can think of.

TyrePotHanging Wall Plant Tyre

 2. Bike stands! I bet you didn’t see this one coming. Just sink the tyres in to the ground and you’ll have a new bike stand in minutes.

Tyres used for a bike stand


3. Playgrounds. Of course, we’ve seen them everywhere. Whilst probably not what you’ll do with your spare tyres (you’d need quite a few), this is just one of the ways in which tyres can be recycled to find a new home.

Playgrounds from tyres


4. Shoes and hand bags!? Yes, believe it, some clever chaps in Japan have decided to recycle used tyres to make shoes, bags, and plenty of other consumer goods, keeping you on the move for even longer! Check out Seal here!

Shoes from tyres Bags made from tyres

 5. The uses just keep on coming. Roof tiles.  You can now buy recycled tyres that have been used to make roof shingles or roof tyres.

Roof Tiles from tyres Roof shingles

6. Why not make a road out of old tyres? With all the rain and floods hammering the Southwest at the minute, they’ve turned to old tyres to raise the level of the road and give access to the 1000’s cut off by this flooding.

Road made from tyres

7. And finally, a favourite for everyone. The swing!

Tree Swing Tyre



Easywheels.co.uk are go!


After starting off as a small online store to order your tyres at the cheapest prices possible in 2011, Easywheels.co.uk has just undergone it’s most significant revamp to date.

Last summer the Easywheels.co.uk team decided to radically change the design of the site and shake up the way in which you search for tyres for good. With an overhall from the roots up the developers scratched their heads to make the process as easy and simple as possible whilst still saving you money.

The result has been the new site which launched on Friday 31st Jan 2014. With nearly 2000 Fitting stations and mobile fitters added to the Easywheels.co.uk network and with more coming on board with us all the time we have made it easier than ever to get your new tyres online.

We’ve also significantly increased the range of tyres in stock at Easywheels.co.uk with over 40 different brands available for fitting next day, we have one of widest ranges in Europe and can offer a tyre to fit any size of wheel and budget. From premium brands such as Dunlop, Bridgestone and Continental, through to mid range brands including the likes of Firestone and Toyo, Easywheels.co.uk is able to fit every budget and need. With a huge range of budget and cheap car tyres to choose from, those looking to save on tyres will be able to on the new Easywheels.co.uk site.

Offering some of the lowest prices both on and offline, we are almost certain you will save money when choosing to buy your tyres with Easywheels.co.uk and we can guarantee the process is as easy as 1..2..3…

1. Simply put in your Registration or enter your tyre size.

2. Filter the huge range of results based on what is important to you. (Price, performance, Extra Load, Winter etc…) and select the tyres you’d like.

3. Now enter your postcode and find the fitting station or select the mobile fitment option that suits you best before heading to our simple and secure checkout.

With an improved supply chain and a slick logistics operation also part of the 2014 Easywheels.co.uk operation we’re now proud to offer guaranteed next day fitting when customers order before 1pm. We’re usually able to offer next day fitting if ordered later than this but our lawyers tell us we have to stipulate it can’t be guaranteed past 1pm sadly. (We’ll get this changed soon!)

Easywheels.co.uk is also hoping that 2014 will see another shake up with a whole host of exciting ideas still to be unveiled later in the year. (Watch this space)

So with the largest range of tyres available in the U.K and with literally thousands of amazing fitting stations and partners available to choose from, what are you waiting for.


Find your new tyres, the Easy way, at Easywheels.co.uk,

Matt, Simon and the whole Easywheels team!


Screen Shot 2014-02-04 at 11.17.43

Firestone: One to watch for 2014


American tyre legends Firestone have hit the ground running in 2014, preparing for a bumper year full of new releases and an enhance brand presence across all mediums aiming to firmly cement itself in customers minds.

With a strong focus on the rich motorsport history that the company can draw on and the iconic Firestone badge, the company is aiming to increase brand awareness and further drive sales of their successful mid range tyres.

Part of the Japanese tyre giants Bridgestone, Firestone is able to draw on a wealth of technological advances from it’s parent company as well as those from it’s own sporting history. Having previously set land speed records and been integral to the success of many Indy 500 races Firestone certainly has the credentials.

The brand currently provides a wide selection of high class mid range tyres that provide handling and comfort usually reserved for the premium classes without the pinch on the wallet. And with a new 4×4 tyre is schedules to be unveiled this June, offering motorists a tyre that wont compromise on performance but will hopefully help to compromise on price, bridging the gap between budget and premium 4×4 tyres.

Firestone has only just had it’s flagship Winterhawk 3 named the Price Perfomance winner by ACE1 and GTU2 adding further accolades to it’s list of awards.

Competitively priced and with a wide range of models and sizes it’s not difficult to see why so many people choose Firestone for performance with high scoring EU tyre labeling results to match. Easywheels.co.uk has a huge range of Firestone tyres in stock today and with great prices to match.

To check out the Firestone range and to see more about this iconic brand, click on to the Firestone brand page here.

ContiSilent: A new era of passenger tyres?


With customers choices growing and an increase in the number of mid range and economy/budget tyre brands available, continental has followed the likes of Pirelli in it’s attempts to consolidate the coveted premium brand position it holds and the price that comes with it. And with Continental looking forward to a bumper year in the U.K market, with steady growth, particularly in the 4×4 sector, the tyre manufacturing giant will certainly be keen to cement it’s position as a pioneer within the industry.

August 2013 saw continental release a new product to help maintain this position and perhaps in response to pressures from manufacturers how are increasingly choosing larger standard fitment rims adding to the problem of noise pollution. In a move that echo’s that of Pirelli’s only a couple of weeks previous to the Continental announcement, the German manufacturer has unveiled a new range a noise reducing tyres, that will significantly reduce the noise emissions in the cabin without altering performance.

The ContiSilent noise-reducing technology will utilise an inner tyre absorber that will consist of polyurethane foam attached to the inside of the tyre with an adhesive after manufacturing. Because the ContiSilent if fitted after manufacturing and to the inside of the tyre there is no negative effects on performance, including during braking or in the wet.

Continental claims that the new design will knock up to 9dB(A) off the inside cabin noise and will have the same mounting as a standard tyre allowing fitment to all current rims.
The ContiSilent will initially be produced in three sizes, for the Audi RS6 and RS7, with the tyre shortly due to be fitted on Audi’s flagship model, the A8 in the following sizes:

ContiSilent is available in:

285/30 ZR 21 100Y X

275/30 ZR 21  98Y XL



Aquaplaning this holiday season?

Aquaplaning is perhaps one thing you wont be wishing for this Christmas as millions of us hit the roads visiting friends and families. With many of us back to work today and making our long distance journeys this weekend and early next week it’s important to understand a couple of the risks drivers can face in less favourable weather. Weather forecasters have predicted another heavy weekend of torrential rain and strong winds so here at Easywheels.co.uk we’ve put together a little guide about aquaplaning and how to keep safe during these conditions.

Aquaplaning Image


What is Aquaplaning?

In order for a vehicle to move forward, backwards, turn, stop, accelerate or perform pretty much any function, there needs to be a certain level of friction between the tyres on the vehicle and the road surface. This is the reason that tyres usually have deep grooves in them and tread patterns which are designed to dissipate water to ensure that their remains a constant level of friction or traction between the tyre and the road surface. The definition of Aquaplaning is when there is too much water for the tyre to successfully dissipate or move out of the way and the water builds up a sheet between the road surface and the tyre, removing the traction or grip which is required for the vehicle to function.


What causes Aquaplaning?

Generally vehicles are considered at risk of aquaplaning when travelling at speeds greater than 45mph and when the standing water depth (water on the road) is greater than a 10th of an inch. Of course this is not an exact science and it would be impossible to measure all water depths whilst driving so it’s advisable to treat wet roads with care and to slow down at the first sight of any build of standing water. There are other factors which will also impact the risk of aquaplaning including the tread depth and design of a tyre, and also the condition of the road and level of drainage that has been built in to the road surface.


How to prevent aquaplaning?

Good tyres will go a long way when you find yourself in a possible aquaplaning situation, but new tyres or the right tyres are not the only way in which you can reduce the risk of losing control of your vehicle.

Ensuring that your tyres are correctly inflated will go a long way to preventing issues and will also help to prevent a whole range of other problems including increased fuel consumption and better control of the vehicle.

Checking your tyres tread depth regularly will also help and you can do this in a split second with the simple 20 pence piece trick demonstrated here. The more tread you have the greater chance your tyre has of dissipating the water and ensuring you remain in control.

Avoid the outside or inside lanes in extreme conditions where water tends to build up first. Keeping an eye on other drivers ahead, maintaining a safe distance and following their tracks will also greatly increase your awareness of the road conditions and also minimise the risk of aquaplaning.


What to do if you Aquaplane?

As simple as it sounds and as difficult as it probably is, the first thing you should do is try not to panic. If you panic it’s likely you will make sudden movements and overreact to the situation in an attempt to compensate for the general loss of control. This can cause even more issues because often one or more tyres will catch it’s grip and you could end up in a spin or worse still end up rolling the vehicle if you are not following the direction of the road.

Don’t attempt to slam on the brakes for the same reason as above, slowly push down on the brakes whilst maintaining a firm grip on the wheel pointing the vehicle in the direction of the road.

Finally be prepared to compensate for the vehicle when you regain control and allow for the sudden increase in traction.

How can Easywheels.co.uk help you to avoid aquaplaning?

If you follow the advice above you will go a long way to minimsing the risk of aquaplaning, and should remain safe on the roads this holiday season. However, if you want to go a step further, Easywheels.co.uk has a range of specially designed cold weather and all season tyres with increased tread depths and sipes designed to tackle even the harshest weather conditions. To check out the range of winter tyres or to find out more about winter tyres and how they can help keep you and your family safe check out our winter tyre guide.

To see just what could happen if you don’t respect mother nature, check out the video below:



Pirelli hits further problems after Rosbergs 200mph tyre blowout during testing

Controversy again over at Pirelli:

Pirelli has been forced to defend the safety record of it’s Formula 1 tyres again today after a dramatic blowout in testing at the Bahrain circuit lead to Nico Rosberg spinning out of control in his Mercedes.

Whilst speeding down the straight of the circuit at an eye watering speed of 320km/h, the German suffered a blowout causing him to fly into a spin, leading to him later hinting that he would need to get some toilet paper now. The Mercedes driver was also quick to delete his tweet regarding the episode in which he claimed that his tyre had blown up without prior warning.



After a troubled season as Formula 1’s official tyre supplier, the Italian team managed to convince the sports governing body that unless it was allowed to test further both during the season and throughout the winter months it’s hands would remain tied over the issues. For some this latest incident will be an unwelcome reminder of the problems suffered by Pirelli throughout the 2013 season which culminated in some dramatic mid season changes to the tyres supplied by the Italian giants after an incident packed race at Silverstone in July.

However, for many this latest incident will simply serve as justification for Pirelli’s protests, hopefully with most not reading too much in to the events with regards to next seasons tyres; after all this is surely what testing is for, right? Pirelli have certainly taken this view, coming fast out of the blocks in defense of their tyres, with the following tweet. “…Incidents can  happen, this is what testing is for. Our testing programme will continue as planned.” It won’t continue with the use of the Mercedes as part of its winter testing schedule as the car was too badly damaged in the crash for the team to continue.

It’s difficult for anyone not to feel sorry for the Italian tyre manufacturer with Pirelli enjoying a torrid time since becoming the sports official tyre supplier 2 seasons ago. Tasked with producing a fast degrading rubber in order to increase the level of competition and introduce a different dynamic to the racing, teams have complained relentlessly. First they complained that the tyres were too unreliable, and then after a mid season change, some teams, in particular the likes of Ferrari protested that the new model was slowing them down and leading the drivers to focus more on tyre management than competition.

Hopefully as a result of this off season testing Pirelli will be able to avoid some of the issues faced last season and manage their concerns surrounding the sweeping rule changes due to come in to force next season. (Pirelli are said to be worried about the increased torque in the turbo engines putting more severe pressure on the tyres.)

Pirelli F1 tyres

Big kids & Electric Cars

Christmas is often referred to as a time when dreams can come true, but I doubt many would have expected they would have had the chance to fulfill a childhood fantasy in quite the style Renault Employees have this Christmas.

For most of us scalextric is a perfect nostalgia, taking us back to a time when we would happily sit and watch as these tiny plastic cars raced around the poorly assembled circuit, taking corners far too fast and inevitably flying off into the ever present skirting board nearby. So for Renault engineers and their marketing team it must have seemed like Christmas came early when they decided to turn the streets of one of the busiest capitals in the world into a life size Scalextric track.

Coming in at 1.9 miles long the Scalextric track was designed by the Renault team as a marketing ploy to demonstrate their new range of electric cars which will kick off this year with the Renault Zoe. With the French Manufacturer citing recent research from Accenture showing that only 32% of people have enough knowledge or awareness about electric cars to buy them, they will have been keen to increase awareness and perception of electric cars following heavy investment from Renault in the industry

The stunt featured two of Renaults new 100% electric Zoe cars and featured “competition winners” operating the iconic Scalextric controls from a helicopter flying above, giving the traditional Birds Eye view afforded from the iconic racing game.

With the Fomula E series coming to London’s streets in association with the FIA during 2015,  Renault has potentially helped to reignite the long standing calls for a Formula 1 street race in the British capital. (You can see the video below)



What about tyres for electric vehicles?

Michelin has so far been the tyre manufacturer of choice for electric vehicles from Renault and has gone as far as desigining and manufacturing a specific tyre for the Electric range.

Available in 15”,16”,17” rims, the Michelin Energy E-v has been designed exclusively for use on electric vehicles with some of the lowest rolling resistance possible, delivering up to 6% more miles.  With incredible wet braking performance and low noise emissions the Michelin Energy E-V is the perfect compliment to any electric car. You can see the range of Michelin tyres available  at Easywheels.co.uk.