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Extra Load Tyres

Extra load tyres can cause some confusion for motorists everywhere ? how do you know when you should be using them compared to normal tyres? Not only that, but you might have noticed there are few different types and this can make it even harder to make the right choice.

At Easywheels, not only do we provide you with a great selection of high quality tyres but we want to make sure that you choose the right options for your vehicle and situation. As such, we've compiled all the information you need to know about extra load tyres so that you'll know exactly what to look for when it's time to make a change

If you want more information about extra load tyres than what you find here, call the Easywheels team on 0333 9000 201 now.

What are extra load tyres?

Possibly the first thing you should know about these options is that the name is a bit misleading. It implies that by using these tyres you can carry more or support heavy vehicles but this is not necessarily the case in every situation.

You will find extra load tyres on a range of vehicles from road cars to commercial vehicles. This is often to ensure they can cope with the increased weight of the vehicle and if the manufacturer specifies that you should fit extra load tyres then you should always do so. In a number of cases, a number or range of numbers is given that allow you to choose the tyres that suit your needs best.

Extra load tyres can be identified easily on the sidewall of the tyre by one of three distinct markings:

  • XL - This stands for Extra Load and is commonly found on cars and MPV's where the need to carry extra weight is present, even only occasionally. 4x4's also often use these tyres because of the extra pressure through four-wheel drive and cornering.
  • RNF - This stands for Reinforced and is most commonly found on vans although there are some instances where this is interchangeable with XL.
  • C - Mostly found on commercial vehicles and tyres designed specifically for this class. Much heavy weights and higher loading capacities are often needed for these vehicles.

These markings are interchangeable to an extent and for some brands, XL and RNF can mean the same thing so you should always look to clarify what vehicles or uses tyres with these markings have been designed for to ensure you get the best value out every purchase. Tyre specialists at Easywheels or the option's brand can often answer these questions the best.

What do you need to know?

There are some big differences between standard and extra load tyres that you should be aware of to make sure you choose the right options for your vehicle and needs.

  • Load rating - This is found on the sidewall of all tyres and, in combination with the tyre pressure and cars weight, will tell you the optimum load index you should look for to get the best results on any journey. For extra load tyres, because there is a high air pressure level, the load index will often be a bit higher than the standard tyre option and this should be taken into account. The XL version with the same load index as the standard tyre will generally not be suitable.
  • Pressure - One of the most important things to know about extra load tyres is that they run with higher air pressures to hold the same weight as standard tyres. This can be confusing as you might expect the opposite given that they are reinforced and have a name to imply otherwise but by increasing their air pressure you can allow the tyres and vehicles to cope with more weight, which can be an advantage.
  • Space - Run flat tyres mean that you no longer need to keep that dreaded spare tyre in the boot. Having no spare tyre frees up an incredible amount of space and makes life that little bit easier when packing for long journeys or coming back from the supermarket.
  • Construction - Extra load tyres are made up of a stiffer construction than their standard counterparts. This is to help support the increased air pressure in the tyres and the weight of the vehicle. Switching to extra load options from standard tyres will mean you experience a harder or firmer ride than you might have been used to before but this can help with fuel efficiency and longevity in some cases where the tyres are properly cared for.

Who makes extra load tyres?

A number of standard load tyres are also available as reinforced or extra load options from some of the biggest in the tyre manufacturing market. Making sure you choose the right options is important and to match the optimum conditions with extra load tyres you need increased air pressure and a higher load rating than the standard tyre equivalent.

Utilising different techniques, technologies, experiences and more, tyre brands have developed excellent extra load tyres that can cater for any environment and conditions you might face. Depending on your needs and vehicle, some brands or options may be better suited than others so make use of all the information available about a specific product before making a decision. Some of the brands we stock that produce extra load tyres are:

At Easywheels you'll find a huge range of standard and extra load tyres from brands sourced from around the world. This gives you the best choice possible and allows you to pick a brand you trust or work to any budget you have. Browse our selection, use our tyre finder or contact our team to find out more.

The Costs

In the past there used to be a much bigger price gap between standard tyres and the extra load options you could choose, as well as a limited number of extra load products available. This has changed over the years and many of the most popular tyre options are now available in standard and extra load variants so you will always find what you are looking for. The gap in price has also been drastically lowered, making extra load tyres much more accessible than ever before.

While extra load tyres are still more expensive than standard tyres in most cases, it is not as big a jump as people might expect, despite all the work that goes into them but that doesn't mean you should make less effort to find the right ones. As with any tyre choice, taking into account all of the information and variables will give you the best value

  • Upfront cost - As mentioned, the upfront cost of an extra load tyre can often be higher than that of a standard option but there is more advanced design and production techniques used to create tyres that can handle heavier weights, greater air pressure and bad road conditions that will ultimately prove to be much better on your wallet.
  • Longevity - The stiffer sidewall and construction of extra load tyres also help with improving longevity of the option you choose. Even in bad conditions and environments, you are likely to enjoy a longer lasting tyre and this will save you money by not needing replacement as often as standard tyres. Longevity is a big consideration along with performance.
  • Performance - Extra load tyres will change the performance and handling of your vehicle if you have been using standard options previously or driven a vehicle that had standard tyres fitted. IT is common knowledge that the ride is firmer but this can also bring rolling resistance and fuel economy as some advantages. Your wallet will benefit from this more than high performance tyres designed to be used at incredible speeds.
  • Value - Getting the best value from your extra load tyres means you pay a competitive price, benefit from excellent longevity and performance and would happily return to the brand or product you used previously. This varies from vehicle to vehicle, driver to driver and in different conditions so it can be very hard to find one that works all the time, but with summer, winter and all year long tyres to choose from, you'll always have plenty of choice.

You can browse our great range of high tyres here, as well as looking at individual brands and sizes to make sure you always choose the best extra load tyre for your situation.

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